About aluminium and antiperspirants: should you buy antiperspirant without aluminium?


Since a couple of years I have been bending over backwards to buy deodorant without aluminium salts, since I read everywhere that aluminium is harmful to among others, your liver, kidney and lungs. Avoiding aluminium salts in deodorants and antiperspirant is not easy here in Sweden as all deodorants generally have aluminium chlorohydrate or another aluminium salt, so I generally buy them on my yearly trips back home to Curacao. There are many brands that offer aluminium-free deodorants; I use Arm & Hammer

Sanex, and Nivea fresh & pure. Maybe slightly superfluous to say that I do sweat more. I like the Arm & Hammer most, but I have found that it works better if I vary the deo and not use the same brand all the time. I have also tried a crystal rock deodorant but it wasn't the best thing for me.

Now I decided to do some serious research and see for myself. What exactly does aluminium do? Well, for one thing, it is a known neurotoxin, meaning it attacks your nerves. F…

How to lose belly fat fast: morning exercise program


1. Introduction: my new exercise program to lose belly fat fast It's been a while since I came up with a new "own" exercise program, but I can assure you that I have been exercising diligently every morning, mostly using Youtube but occasionally doing my own thing. I have consistently been losing belly fat, although I have probably also lost a little weight (I  hope not, I hope I have been replacing fat with muscle! :).
 The following program is a mix of cardio, standing abs, Pilates and yoga. As always, I am using a towel, a mat,ankle and wrist weights and extra weights. For two of the exercises you will need a high step or a chair.

2. My music suggestions for my Lose Belly Fat Fast Program: Michael Jackson's You really turn me on
Katy Perry's Roar!
Shakira's Loca

3. The Exercise Program: 1. Cat/cow yoga pose to loosen the back and strengthen the abs. Start on our hands and knees, inhale deeply, and curve your back downwards. Bend your elbows if necessary…

Training with a quad injury


About 2 weeks ago I pulled a muscle in my right quadriceps (the big thigh muscle on the front of your leg). It got more and more painful and in the weekend the leg was swollen from the hip to the knee. I went to see a medic on Monday but he reassured me that it was injury from training, nothing else. No inflammation either, he checked. We're now 10 days since it ocurred and I have a big bump on my inner thigh, about the size of a spread-out hand and the leg swells up whenever I am active such as working in the garden or being out on a field trip in Pålsjö skog with a biology class. I don't want to make it worse, but I do want to train. The main problem is that it is painful for me to bend the knee (I have lean down to put shoes on). So I need to exercise without bending the right knee too much. So here is one of my adapted workouts. No equipment needed, but I did use weights.

1. Tricky cat with weights:
Stand on hands and knees. Extend the right arm at the same time as the …

I just love my new body: how to get rid of belly fat for women


Yesterday morning I broke one of my own rules, which is to not do the same workout routine on consecutive days. I did this fabulous yoga workout from Boho Beautiful (love you guys!) on Tuesday and I almost managed to do it entirely. But not quite, I got stuck a bit on the plank. So to make things right I did it again and managed it in its entirety without pause. YOOHOO!!!! So that is worth a post I think.

I have lost about 0,5kg up to 1 kg (hard to determine) of belly fat in about 8 months.

I don't have a 6-pack yet, but I think if I keep going on I might get there. And this is how I did it:
I get up every morning at 6 am, unless it is weekend or day off when I get up at 8 or even 8:30, and I do a 10 or in the weekend 15 minute workout. Often I use yoga because I have a painful back and  I feel it helps but it can also be a cardio workout, a full body workout, a core workout,Pilates workout or whatever I can find on Youtube.  If the Internet is down again I just improvise. Dep…

Does the time of day matter for the effectiveness of your training?


Since about half a year ago I started working out every day, early in the morning on working days (6 am) and a little later during weekends (8:30-9 am). For me it feels very good and I have seen an impressive result in losing persistent belly fat. I don't have that much of it, and I am not overweight, but until recently I always looked, like, 3 months pregnant. I have always had this, by the way, since I was a teenager, but it has not improved after having 2 children and even at the time that I was most well-trained (that would be when I was doing kickboxing 3 times a week) I would have this persistent little belly. Even when I was at my lowest weight, 47 kg (way too thin for my1.80 m) I still had it!

But now I have lost most of it thanks to my daily workout routine. I am convinced that the reason for this:
1. The intensity of the 10 minutes exercise;
2. The variation in exercise.

Another reason for my results, I thought, was exercising early in the morning. Because instead of…

More best abs workouts


I am going to do some research on whether the time of day that you workout makes a difference. Since about half a year ago I do my workouts first thing in the morning and it has been very effective for me. Not only can I see a clear difference in my body, not just my abs and belly but also my arms are pretty muscular now (compared to before, at least :)) thanks to all the planks and pushups.
But also that I am improving without (to me it seems) a great effort.
I did this workout this morning:

Fast & Furious Abs workout

and the great thing is, I did it some weeks ago and thought it pretty challenging. I could not do the side plank crunch and had to do the modification on one knee. This time around it was an ok workout but I thought: "Was that all?" when it was over, was tempted to do some extra work but didn't have the time, and I had no problem at all with the side plank crunches. Now THAT makes me motivated to continue!

Here are some more abs workouts that I rea…

My favorite standing abs workouts


Yes, I have been to Mallorca over the weekend, so I didn't do much exercise and the hotel was excellent, so on coming back I felt the flab...... time to start exercising again.
The last few days I have been doing mostly abdominal exercises because I feel that is where I need most exercise. I find that with the pain in my back I actually hate doing crunches. So I have been focusing on standing abs exercising, which are less effective but much better for the back, and you just do some extra to compensate.

There are tons of routines on Youtube but many of them are no good. They stand for precious minutes yapping or the exercises are not intense enough or they go way too slow or, like Lumowell, the exercises are ok but the video is so boring you threaten to fall asleep.

I will make my own standing abs exercise program in the future - which will be short and intense- but I need more time. So here are a couple of  routines that I really like and would recommend (none have warmup or …